Katie’s Craic #010 – Janell Moore – Student Midwife

Another installment of the Craic! This time we talk to Janell Moore, a medical anthropologist and photographer who has decided to change her whole life for the next 13 months and move from Los Angeles to El Paso, Texas to become a midwife. Her vast experience with women’s needs and medicine in remote areas of the world is driven by her insatiable curiosity for the world and the various ways people live.  She tells us why she wants to make this monumental change from working on sexual research studies here in California, to actually “catching babies” on the front lines in Texas. She also shows us her photographer’s lens of the world around her and what she finds beautiful.  This is a truly fascinating person and I was so lucky to get the chance to talk to her. Check it out!  And help her supply the new mothers with comfort by following this link to Janell’s amazon wish list.

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